16×40 Finished Cabin: What to Consider before Placing the Purchase

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16x40 Finished Cabin

What about enjoying holiday with a 16×40 finished cabin? Have a decent holiday by making or purchasing a finished cabin as your summer house. You can even make it as an investment property, by renting the finished cabin out. Whatever your purpose is, it is better to know a little information about the finished cabin itself. These days there are many finished cabin offered online. To better choose, you better read the explanation below.


What is a finished cabin?

Finished cabin is a house-like building which can be versatile for any purpose. You can have a working place there. Or, you can make it as previously stated – a summer house. Some finished cabins also be offered out for rent. Usually, the cabin will be used as workers/hunters camp because finished cabin is just like a small house with furniture and appliances.


What facilities are offered in a finished cabin?

The answer depends on each providers offer. In common, most of them offer 16×40 finished cabin with these stuffs:

  1. Bedroom(s), closets inside
  2. Electrical package
  3. Bathroom, with shower, sink, water heater, etc.
  4. Pantry cabinets
  5. A kitchenette, completed with some appliances like stoves and microwave.
  6. Air conditioner

As mentioned earlier, not every provider include those facilities. You should ask the provider whether it is a totally furnished, finished cabin, or probably just a shell cabin.


Shell vs finished cabin

Shell cabin is what it takes if you want to create your empty, non-furnished cabin as your DIY playground. You can decorate the cabin, install the appliances, and decide where things located as much as you like. Of course, shell cabins offer much cheaper price but you’ll still to complete the stuffs – so that you can use it as a functioning cabin.


Can the finished cabin be customized?

Yes, you can customize the cabin. Feel free to select which one to dismiss; or adding things to your finished cabin. You can also ask the builders (providers) to use certain paint, or to install certain appliances.



This is probably the most anticipated point for this article. Cabin builders will charge the clients mainly based on the cabin size. The other factors are materials used and also the facilities. Do a little research to compare this provider and another one. The 16×40 finished cabins price is somewhere around $28,000-$51,000. Some may offer better facilities, and don’t be shocked if the price is higher.

As earlier mentioned, what you’ll need to check is the facilities provided for the money you must pay. Don’t just rely on people’s review on the internet. Actively asking about the property to the builders may help you to choose a better 16×40 finished cabin worth every buck of your money.

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