16×40 Shed House Building Tips from Experts

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16x40 shed house

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make a 16×40 shed house planning on the list too. Owning a shed house is a good idea to store things and belongings outside your house. By that, you can store items securely without sacrificing space at home.

In case you plan to build one, you need to get the right 40×16 house plans in the first place. Other than that, some requirements are essential to fulfill beforehand. In this article, we have a list of things you need to ensure when building a shed house.

Solid foundation

Just like creating a building in general, you need a solid foundation to be the base of the building. Even a 16×40 shed house needs a proper solid foundation to start.

Keep in mind that water is the worst enemy of wood. Thus, be sure to pick a location that won’t interfere with your material. Typically, a 16×40 shed house for sale is made of wood. You need to pick a dry area to put the building on.

Checking the air circulation

You will use the shed house to store belongings and items. You need to ensure that everything you put there is safe, whether it is from the outdoor or indoor elements.

As mentioned earlier, water will ruin the wood shortly. Thus, ensure the shed house has good air circulation. It takes about three feet of space on all sides of the shade. This allows wind and sunlight to enter the building easily. On the other hand, mildew and moisture will stay at bay.

Plan your floor frame

You will need a floor frame to build a shed house. Before thinking about the 16×40 shed house floor plans, you should ensure that it only uses sturdy floor frames that resist weather excellently.

Keep in mind that the floor will get wet from time to time. You don’t want to spend more money to take care of things that should stand the weather much better. Thus, you can use pressure-treated wood with two inches of thickness at least. It will build a sturdy floor frame that could take exposure quite well.


There are several things you need to consider before building a shed house. You don’t want to damage your items while storing them in the shed. Following the tips above will save you from unnecessary additional expenses. And this is the end section of things you need to know about a 16×40 shed house.

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