3 Authentic Formica Countertops Still Available Today

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retro Formica countertops

Using retro Formica countertops is a good idea to achieve an authentic edgy design for your house. Whether you will use it for the bathroom or kitchen, these options will create a stunning look to the entire room.

People love retro laminate designs for various reasons. Of course, the patterns are one of those things that make this item always in high demand. Below, we have some ideas of authentic Formica countertops still available on today’s market.

#1 Formica Skylark boomerang laminate

Skylark boomerang

Formica has tons of collections. One of the retro collections is the Skylark designed in 1950. It originally came in four colorways, but today only one color is sold around the US. This item is available in mainstream e-commerce shops and several retailers.

In case you want to get a similar pattern but with different colors, you can check other makers after all. The retro Formica countertops are the right choice to start your retro renovation in your home.


#2 Formica White Onyx

White Onyx

If you are looking for something vintage and chic, you can check the White Onyx from Formica. The onyx pattern was initially introduced in 1969, and it has become one of the most popular patterns on the lineup. You will get the mid-century laminate countertops at affordable prices by using Formica’s. The pattern is available in big stores and popular e-commerce markets. The White Onyx is only available in one color, as its name suggests.


#3 Cracked Ice laminates

Cracked Ice laminates

Are you looking for solid colors for your kitchen countertops? Well, you can try to check out the Cracked Ice pattern. Back then, this pattern was among the earliest looks for countertop use. Formica was the one that introduced the cracked ice pattern to the market.

It looks so abstract, yet you get the authenticity of the retro spirit. Today, a few manufacturers continue to print the cracked ice pattern. The most popular colors include green, gray, yellow, and red. It later can give you the retro countertop aging look.


Making your bathroom and kitchen look wonderful is a dream you can work for. You do not need to splurge on expensive yet unnecessary items that could cause clutter and mess. Thus, replacing your countertop surface with Formica’s retro lineup is an idea you should try. What you need to do is to match the color palette of the kitchen or bathroom with the retro Formica countertops.

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