30x40x12 Pole Barn with Utmost Capacity for Storage or Garage

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30x40x12 Pole Barn with Utmost Capacity for Storage or Garage

You can use 30x40x12 pole barn for several purposes. In general, it looks like regular barn, but with size 30×40 that’s enough for at least four cars. It is mostly used in rural area where you still see ranch, barn, and farm. It is for keeping the cattle, poultry, seed, tool, vehicle, or anything. With the proper building, this barn can last long as long as you always maintain it to be in good condition. More about the pole barn will be explored in the following list.

Pole barn design and capacity

You can have an enclosed barn with only single door at the front side. It is common in the farm or ranch. On the other hand, you should consider adding window and insulated heat. The barn for animal, such as horses and cattle, requires the proper design which has enough capacity to keep at least four to five regular sized car. The capacity has significant aspect before constructing. You can extend it, but make sure the main one is still intake.



You can build 30x40x12 pole barn based on the functions and purposes. It is useful space for your cars and tools. Some people install the barn as extended section in their house. For more real function, it is used as storage in the farm. You can keep your tools and stuffs, such as machinery, livestock, and other. With relevant function, you should design it to adjust with the purpose. If this size is not enough, expand it and build the section to get more space. When you only want small space, make partitions, and the rest of space will come in handy when you need the storage in the future.


Construction and building

It is called a pole bar due to pole timber that becomes the pillars. In each corner, you need to put the pillars to attach with roof frame. After that, add extra wood and install sidewalls. Building this one is simple and quick. Moreover, some manufacturers sell 30x40x12 pole barn kit. It is very practical and affordable.


Cost and maintenance

The most important thing to consider is cost. You need to allocate enough money to make the barn to have proper construction. After that, you also need to put extra time and effort to maintain. It can last longer as long as you keep it in the excellent condition. You need more maintenance when 30x40x12 pole barn is used for rough work and activity.

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