4x4x8 Pressure Treated Fence Posts, and the Reasons Why You Should Include This for Fencing Posts

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4x4x8 Pressure Treated Fence Posts, and the Reasons Why You Should Include This for Fencing Posts

If you are planning to fence your house, you may consider getting a 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts. It can be the right decision to do, since fencing means putting a ‘backbone’ before installing the fencing itself. Therefore, it is the best decision if you make the fence post from such a durable material.

There are several aspects you need to consider before you install your new fence, aside from thinking merely about the fence posts. These aspects are as mentioned below:

  • Will your fence be installed for a long time/permanently?
  • How is the layout of the fence?
  • What additional components need to be placed? (Such as gate, corner placement, etc.)

Knowing the fence layout is one of the most important aspects while fencing your property. By knowing your layout, you will know where you need to put the posts. Talking about posts, one of the mostly-used fence posts is 4x4x8 pressure treated wooden fence posts. This wooden post is perfect if you want to use it as cornering posts.

Corner posts are in general made from wood, and are set deeper than other posts used as in-lines or the temporary ones that help you to set the fence. Since it is used as an important base for other posts, corner post should be higher in quality. Lucky you, the aforementioned post (4x4x8 post) is perfect for the task.

Now you may wonder what does pressure treated mean. Pressure treated means the lumber product has been treated with an infusion of synthetic preservatives. This will make the wood to be protected from insects and rotting. That being said, the lumber product will have a longer durability compared to other wood.

Now, how much do 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts cost? It varies from one shop to another, but in general it costs around $15 per piece. The number of woods that you need to purchase will depend on how wide the area of the fence. If you don’t know how you should count the number of this pressure-treated wooden fence post that you need, consider consulting a professional.

The last thing to consider is the material of the fence post itself. Since the post needs to be durable enough to withstand weather threats, using pressure-treated pine woods should be the best choice. Besides it provides aesthetic looks, pine wood when pressure treated will also be more durable and weather-resistant. Therefore, buying it in the form of 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts should be a great decision to make.

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