Aldwin Coffee Table, the Spacious Rustic Table with Two-compartment Storage Within

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Aldwin Coffee Table as Unique and Multifunctional Table to Decorate Your Room 1

Manufactured by Ashley Furniture, there is nothing that you cannot dislike from Aldwin coffee table. If you are looking for such a spacious coffee table with rustic look, this is one of the best answers you can get online. Not only it is available as a functional coffee table, the beautifully-crafted table will be a great addition to your house.

In case you are wondering what makes this coffee table stands out from the rest, we’ve gathered some essential information about Aldwin coffee table that you should know prior to purchasing. Included below are the size, dimension, material, finishes, and special features. To help you budget for this table, here is the current price according to Ashley furniture’s official website as well.


Talking about size, this coffee table is not that small – you can place food and not just cups of coffee on it without needing to worry that you will make it stuffy. The dimension of this table is 36”x36”x18” (width, depth, height consecutively). Since it also has a storage within, the storage can go up to 32.5”x13.75” in width and depth.



Coffee table will not be long-lasting if the material isn’t premium. Aldwin table is made of pine wood, pine veneers, and engineered wood. In case you wonder what the characteristic of pine wood is, this wood is light-weighted and has straight grains. Hence, you may find this wood can thrive from shrinking.



The table is painted brown greyish, which is also called as ‘weathered grey’ finish. That would be a perfect color that suits any interior designs.

Aldwin Coffee Table as Unique and Multifunctional Table to Decorate Your Room 2


It was said that pine wood makes the table light-weight. Then what is the Aldwin table’s weight? According to their official website, the table – when empty – weighs 85 lbs or equal to 38.56 kg.

You may search what the weight of common coffee table is and find out that 85 lbs can be considered as pretty hefty. Remember, this coffee table has storage in it, so it requires a bigger size – hence it means that the table needs more material.


Special features

As mentioned earlier, the table has 2-compartment storage in it. You will only need to open the double on-top door and put your stuff inside the table. Once you bought the table, you will need to assembly it. Don’t worry as to assemble it is pretty easy and it does not take you long time.



According to the website, the current price for this table is #330.99. Keep in mind that the shipping fee is still excluded.

If you want to purchase this table, it is a good pick – even people online say good things about the table. Now, we’ll let you decide whether to go or not to go with Aldwin coffee table.

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