An Ultimate Guide to Install Polymeric Sand Flagstone Like a Pro

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An Ultimate Guide to Install Polymeric Sand Flagstone Like a Pro

Polymeric sand flagstone is a popular landscaping material. It gives a nice raw look on your garden and patio while the installation is not that difficult. You can even install this material on your own.

But what are the differences between polymeric sand and regular sand to install pavers? In this article, we will open things up for you. Thus, you can take care of your landscaping like a professional DIY doer.

About polymeric sand

Before jumping on what material to use between flagstone, we will say that polymeric sand is the best sand for joints. It comes with the ability to prevent weed growth. Other than that, poly-sand will stay in place for a longer time compared to regular sands.


How to install flagstone in your backyard

An Ultimate Guide to Install Polymeric Sand Flagstone Like a Pro 3

According to experts, there are a few steps you can follow to install flagstone with polymeric sand flagstone involved. These tips will be useful especially if you put the flagstone on a dry base.

If the groundcover includes woolly thyme as well, you can install the stone directly on topsoil. You need to plant in the crevices and use topsoil for the joints. You may include flexible grout for flagstone for this circumstance.

Meanwhile, if you use gravel, you need to bed the flagstone on a decomposed granite base. Be sure to include gravel in the joints. Polymeric sand can be involved in the joints regardless of the groundcover. Of course, the intensity depends on how you want the finishing look.

What about the budget? Typically, it takes as low as USD 10 per square foot to build new construction.


Installing mortared flagstone

What is mortared flagstone? This is a type of flagstone piece with mortar on it. It is made for installation on a prepared sub base.

Installing this type of flagstone is not difficult either. You can apply wet mortar on the subbase of gravel and sand, or to a concrete slab surface. Putting stone dust between flagstone along with poly-sand is a good idea to strengthen the joints. The other way is by adding colored grout or additional mortar.


You can always make your landscape look more stunning by installing pavement, depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. In case you plan to use flagstone for the paver, be sure to use quality materials only. Polymeric sand flagstone is one of those materials you shouldn’t skip out when it comes to installing pavers for landscape.

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