Antique Gentleman’s Dresser for Sale and How to Do a Makeover on It

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Antique Gentleman’s Dresser for Sale and How to Do a Makeover on It

Looking for an antique gentleman’s dresser? When we talk about this dresser, it’s a sure thing you will need to go back to the style of 1900s, even in 1800s. There are lots of these you can find online, just make sure it is still great to use and the wood is not rotting.

However, have you ever thought about making it into something new in appearance? Let’s say, you have just purchased an antique gentleman’s dresser for sale, what can you do to make the dull version of it be changed into something that looks great as new? Well, stay tuned to this article if you want answers.

The short answer is that you can take a paint to make your antique gentleman’s dresser looks like new. By doing this, you can bring freshness into your antique furniture and making it looks like new.

Now you may wonder what it takes to prep your furniture to paint. Good thing, antique dresser doesn’t take too much preparation when it comes to renewing it.

Clean your dresser

The first thing you need to do is to clean your old dresser with a good damp cloth. Make sure to clean all of its sides and nooks, leaving no trace for dust to stay on your dresser. Then, leave your dresser to dry as thorough. Make sure not to wet your dresser too much as it may bring bad effects to the wood’s ‘health’ in the long run (rotting or attracting pests to come in).


Start painting your dresser

Now as you begin to paint your dresser, you may begin wondering again, what kind of paint which is perfect for the dresser? Well, the answer may vary a lot. Why so? It is because you can choose whatever kind of paint you need to know how you want the finish to look like.

However, if you want recommendation, that would be best if you get some milk paints. Milk paint is rich in color, and it provides matted finish. Hence, you will have a beautiful, elegant-looking dresser on your way.

Milk paint is a paint that comes with a powdered form, and this has been around for thousand years. In America, this kind of milk has been used to paint furniture, barns, to even walls.

So, those are two insights you can use to restore your antique dresser to make it look as new. Ready to makeover your antique gentleman’s dresser into its best look?

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