Arbor Vs Trellis: Which One of These Outdoor Architectural Features that You Should Choose?

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Arbor Vs Trellis

If you’re planning in adding structures into your outdoor area to create smooth flow between exterior and interior space, you might be interesting in reading the differences between arbor vs trellis. These are two of the many available options of landscaping structures out there, in which they are able to enhance the design in unique ways.

In some regions in the United States, trellis and arbor are used interchangeably. However, they actually have different features, design-wise. In case you are wondering what’s the difference between a trellis and an arbor read about them below.


In this comparison between arbor vs trellis, let’s start with trellis first. It is essentially an attachable latticework or open framework piece to a pergola or a wall. It also can stand alone by propped up into the ground. Trellis can’t protect against run or sun on its own, as they’re typically freestanding and small. However, these qualities also make them easily portable or movable when needed.


Usually, trellis is built of wooden material designed into a lattice pattern. However, it is also not rare for a trellis to be made of wire, wrought iron, or plastics. The most common use of trellis is to provide a structure for flowers and vines to climb on, adding an aesthetically pleasing feature to an outdoor area.



Arbor is commonly found in a gateway or entrance area as a defining element. It can stand straight or arched at the top, with small trellises (a couple of feet wide) as support on each side. This results in visually pleasing view when going through in and out of the outdoor area as well as nice framing to the space.


Arbors made of various material options, including wooden, composites and metal. They are most typically used to frame the path of an entrance, walkway, or garden. As they usually have trellis sides, it’s also possible to make vines growing up over the top and sides, adding more extra interest visually.

If you’re trying to decide which one of the two is better for you, then it is important to consider your needs when installing either of these features. If you need a visually pleasing accent to plain wall that can support plants or if you need a pergola’s addition to make a living wall, then then you may consider a trellis. Meanwhile, if you want to define a path or a walkway and creating a beautiful entrance point, then you should choose arbor when considering between arbor vs trellis.

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