Basement Drywall Ceiling Types to Choose the Best Option for Your Property

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Basement Drywall Ceiling Types to Choose the Best Option for Your Property

Basement drywall ceiling installation is one of many available solutions if you don’t want to leave the area bare and exposed. Drywall makes a simple, practical, yet versatile option for basement ceiling material. However, it is important to note that there are plenty of drywall types to choose from out there. Below, you’d be able to read some of them.

Before getting into drywall types, it’s important to note that regardless of your choice, drywall ceiling will give you seamless and completed basement appearance that otherwise is hard to achieve by using ceiling tiles.

Now, choosing the drywall types is important because basement is such a tricky part of a building that requires special care. Basements are located below the ground level, so its main problem is largely related to moisture. With that in mind, here are some of the basement drywall ceiling types, each with their own benefits.


The biggest strength from sheetrock is its resistance to moisture. This drywall is green-colored so it is easy to spot, but actually the best sheetrock drywall with greatest resistance to moisture and mold are the ones in purple colors. The sheetrock boards are made of fiberglass mat coated with paper that has moisture resistant property.


Blue board

Blue board drywall can be found more for veneer plastering. Similar to sheetrock, it also provides great resistant to moisture. Not to mention, it’s also good at blocking noise.


Type C or Type X

This drywall type has primary benefit of being fire resistance. It makes a good alternative for places like basement in house.



If you wish to block noise coming from the floors above and reduce the ones coming out of the basement area, you may consider soundproofing drywall. As an addition, it is also possible to apply soundproofing method to the basement ceiling.

Regardless of drywall ceiling type that you choose, the average cost to drywall basement ceiling is between $2,500 and $8,000, in which it depends a lot of the size and other factors. Remember to take the labor cost into the account if you’re trying to estimate the needed cost to tackle this project, because they can cost just as much as the cost of the material that you purchase.

When it comes to installing basement ceiling, it’s best to go with the reliable contractors and high-quality materials. These are what make the basement drywall ceiling installation can go smooth and result in long-lasting outcomes.

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