Beachfront Homes for Sale under 100k: Where to Find Them

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Beachfront Homes for Sale under 100k

It is possible to find the beachfront homes for sale under 100k as long as you know where to find them. Owning a house in front of a beach is going to be something dreamy. You will have a whole beach as your front yard and beautiful scenery is going to be your daily view. Where to get the cheapest beachfront houses anyway? Here is the list for you to read and to keep in mind.


Deerfield Beach, Florida 

Deerfield Beach, Florida 

When people think of beachfront homes, they will think of Florida. Beachfront homes for sale in Florida are numerous and some of them are cheap. You can go to Deerfield Beach area, for example. This beautiful city is very vibrant and full of great facilities for anyone living there. Beachfront houses here are sold in average price of $90,000 to $120,000. It is very cheap for big state like Florida. That is why everyone is lining up to this location when they have the desire of having big house in front of a beach.


Fort Pierce, Florida 

Fort Pierce

This location is also in Florida, the many-beaches state, and this location is probably the perfect spot for those who are looking for beachfront homes for sale under 100k. Fort Pierce is beautiful southern Florida location with plenty of beaches and tourist destinations. Surprisingly, the average house price here with beach view is only $89,100. Yes, it is very affordable for everyone who wants to purchase a house with lower price in Florida. This is the location where buying a house with beach view won’t drain up your entire life savings.


Freeport, Texas 

Freeport, Texas 

If you love beach but you also love Texas, of course the location that you should go to is Freeport. Freeport is the city in Texas with the access to the gulf, which is technically a beach-like location. The beachfront houses in this location are sold in surprisingly low price with the average of price $71,000. It is way under 100k and you can surely afford this. The city is great and the houses are cheap. It is perfect.

Indeed, when you think it is not possible to buy a house under 100k and the location is nearby the beach, the list up there gives you some options. Even though those locations are not popular, there will be beach there and that is enough for everyone dreaming about buying beachfront homes for sale under 100k to eventually makes their dream comes true.

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