Becker Board Waterproofing Benefits and Why You Should Do that

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Becker Board Waterproofing Benefits and Why You Should Do that

A lot of people think that backer board waterproofing is not necessary. Well, sometimes it is true because the nature of this kind of board is indeed resistant to water already. However, it’s always great to waterproofing your tiles or board on the floor anyway. The full information about it will be explained below.


Prevent Flooding Repairs

If you are living in an area where flooding is something to have to face in yearly basis, it is better to use backer board and waterproof them. It is like having double of shield to make sure that flood will never ruin the floor and other part of the house. Flooding repair can cost you tons of money and you never want this to happen. So, it is way better to provide prevention here.


Slow Down Mold

Molds or the wall or on the floors are just bothering everyone in general. They are not pleasing on the eyes and they are rotting the wall or floor for sure. This is why backer board waterproofing is needed. By making sure that the boards are resistant to water, mold will not grow on rapid scale on the surface. It helps slow down the growth of mold quite significantly.


Prevent Cracks and Leaks

Waterproofing method is basically the method to strengthen the floor or wall to make sure cracks and leaks will not happen. Cracks and also leaks are the number one cause of the wall or floor getting rotten. To make sure that it will never happen, you should be able to layer extra protection on the house by waterproofing the backer board.


Increase Property Value

Houses using tile backer board usually has better value in the market. It is like 60% higher or so. Buyers know that backer board is tough and resistant to water. If they are informed that you even add extra layer of waterproofing shield on the board, they will not have any doubt about the sturdiness of the house.

Now, you see waterproofing the floor is something you can do for a lot of benefits. Therefore, even when your floor or wall is mostly made out of backer board, it is great to waterproof it again. The method can be done by using all sorts of sealants and waterproof spray. Indeed, the backer board waterproofing will help you to avoid so many problems after all.

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