Bistro Bar Stool Types for Your Dining Room and Kitchen

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Bistro Bar Stool Buying Guide

Choosing the right bistro bar stool is important if the look is everything for you. Bistro is an elegant place that you surely want to go to every night. There, you can see the bar stools are just stunning. So, if you want to bring those kinds of stools to your house, especially in the kitchen, you need to figure out the types of them first. Here is the information about it.


The Breakroom Bar Stools

The breakroom stool is a common bistro bar stool. It looks really rustic with all the wooden legs and a decorated back. The stool is quite tall and usually it does not have the lever to adjust its height. It is very traditional and probably the one you more likely to find in a good, well-established bistro.


The Stationary Bar Stools

Stationary bar stools look really modern. Usually it is backless and the seating cushion is round and covered in leather or mesh. The bistro bar stools metal material is on the leg and they do look really advanced. As the look is nowhere near traditional, the stool belongs more on the modern kitchen or a sophisticated-looking one.


The Pub Style Bar Stools

Pub style bar stool looks studier as usually they are made out of wood and covered in dark-colored paint. They look really classic and you can use them for any types of kitchen. They do look stunning and normally with proper care, they will last for decades, just like the ones in the real pub. This is the one you should choose for your house for sure.


The Backless Bar Stools

The stool is usually completed by a back to make sure that anyone can sit on them comfortably. However, some people prefer the chair to be backless. If you too, you can choose these backless bar stools. They look simple, elegant and more compact. They do not have that back attached to them to save more space as well.

Those are the best types of bar stool from the bistro. Some of them will be great to be placed in the modern house, and the rest is perfect for rustic, old-fashioned house. This is why you should choose carefully and decide the best type of stool to bring home for your home-bar. The right bistro bar stool will turn your kitchen into a luxurious place indeed.

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