Bladen Ashley Furniture Set and Features as Your Ultimate Considerations

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Bladen Ashley Furniture Set and Features as Your Ultimate Considerations

Bladen Ashley furniture is a series of furniture that’s perfect for your living room. Ashley has been around for decades providing stunning furniture products for everyone. One of their series is Bladen, and it is so beautiful that everyone wants it for their living room. This is the basic information about the Bladen series, so you can find out more about them.


Bladen Furniture Series

The series of furniture consist of Bladen Sofa, Bladen Full Sofa Sleeper, Bladen Recliner, Bladen Series Chair, Bladen Loveseat, Bladen Ottoman, and Bladen 2-Piece Sectional. They are all needed in your living room if you want to make the space functional as well as beautiful. Every item in the series is sold separately.


Bladen Furniture Color Choice

There are two main colors that you can choose. The first one is coffee and the second one is slate. Coffee color is dark brown, espresso-like color. It has depth and beauty on it and it works really well for houses with lots of wooden elements. The slate color is rather dark. It is the hue between dark grey and black. It looks really elegant and the Bladen Ashley furniture of this color matches to any living room with contemporary style.


Foam Cushions and Upholstery

The foam cushions and upholstery is mostly consisting of polyester and faux leather. They are so beautifully crafted and easy to clean. With proper maintenance, the furniture’s upholstery will last for decades and won’t lose its fluffiness at all time. This is why you should be choosing the living room furniture from this brand.


Bladen Furniture Price

The price is vary between one furniture item and another, usually with the full sleeper sofa as the most expensive one and Bladen chair as its most affordable one. However, to put it simply, the price is around $400 to $800. It depends on the area where you are living and that price is not included shipping and probably taxes. However, for well-known furniture brand, the price is perfectly reasonable.

There are a lot of people who cannot decide the look of their living room. Well, if you like it classic and elegant, surely Bladen from Ashley is the right series you need to try. They are simply amazing and the price is reasonable as well. The Bladen Ashley furniture is going to help you getting the right, perfect look to your living room.

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