Brazilian Ipe Wood for Your Durable and Long-Lasting Decking

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Brazilian Ipe Wood for Your Durable and Long-Lasting Decking 1

If you are planning on using Brazilian ipe wood for decking, you probably already know the smooth hardwood is reminiscent of mahogany and can last over 50 years without needing to be replaced. Ipe decks are very flexible. In addition, due to its beauty, durability, and low maintenance requirements, it is also a top choice for residential flooring. Has it become your choice for decking? To convince you that it is the right choice for decking, here are some advantages that can be your consideration.



Ipe is one of the ten hardest woods in the world compared to oak. Many people compare the hardness and density of Ipe to concrete. This supreme hardness provides dimensional stability, long life, and natural weather resistance. Pressure-treated wood is known to expand and contract significantly as the seasons change. This process destroys the cell structure from the center of plate to the outside. It also increases the damping factor.



Brazilian ipe wood is known to be able to last for decades even in extreme weather conditions. As explained above, density and hardness play a major role. Natural resistance to water infiltration and cell degradation also contribute to its longevity. In addition, forests where they have evolved experience 100,400 inches of rain annually. Due to the response to these heavy rains, the wood is naturally resistant to the invasion of water, mold, rot, and cell degradation.

Brazilian Ipe Wood for Your Durable and Long-Lasting Decking 2

Insect and Fire Resistance

Ipe and other tropical hardwoods are inherently insect resistant. Ipe has evolved in insect-bearing forests that are capable of drilling much better timber. Very few insects can invade hardwood fibers in their natural habitat and certainly the native insects of the United States could not cope. This is true for most tropical hardwoods. On the other hand, fire is an important factor in making building material decisions. Ipe is arguably the most flame-retardant terrace material. Along with steel and concrete, it is one of the few materials that receive regular A-class ratings from engineering evaluation agencies.



In contrast to popular belief, Ipe wood cost is cheaper than other methods. Pressure treated wood lasts about 57 years before the boards start to rot. Synthetic decks are unattractive and rarely used after about 8 years. Alternatively, Ipe is known to have a lifespan of 40 to 75 years depending on environmental conditions. Front Brazilian ipe wood decks cost the same as mid-range composite, which is usually cheaper than high-end composite.

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