Calacatta Gold Marble Slab and the Reasons Why Calacatta is Best for Your Home

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Calacatta Gold Marble Slab and the Reasons Why Calacatta is Best for Your Home

During ancient Rome, the Calacatta gold marble slab is the most refined type of Carrara marble widely used by the Roman. Today, Calacatta is one of the most sought-after marbles in North America because of its durability and luxurious and exotic look. Unlike other types of marbles, Calacatta is perfect for those who want a classic and modern look at the same time. Here are the three main reasons why this marble might be an excellent selection for your bathroom or kitchen countertops.

It has Distinctive Look

In comparison to the majority of marble slabs easily accessible in the market, Calacatta is that type of marble that comes with a vibrant white background color which able to light up bathroom and kitchen areas. Its bolder gold and gray vein patterns provide a more striking appearance. Apart from that, the vein patterns come with intricate details that you can easily find on the marble slab’s middle and corner sections. The natural color tone and patterns will make your home look more luxurious. The white color background of this marble can also be further enhanced by applying decent lighting. Comparably, the Calacatta gold marble slab is the most lucrative selection among the vast array of color tones this marble has.

It Can Improve Your Home Value

Swimming pools and patio are two areas that most homebuyers are looking for when they want to buy a new home. Yet, others look for a more specific thing, such as Calacatta marble. Not every buyer plans to install countertops on their own. Many tend to look for a property that already has their preferred natural stone. However, it should be understood that a home with Callacatta countertops, floorings, backsplash, walls, and so on generally comes at a higher price. It’s all because the Calacatta gold marble slab price is the most expensive one, usually offered for around $180 per sq foot.

Ease of Applications

This natural stone is also adequately versatile for commercial and residential applications of all types. It can be for your countertops, floorings, backsplash, walls, etc. If you want a minimalist look without sacrificing a lucrative layout, using Calacatta gold for your kitchen countertops is the best option. This natural marble is also perfect to be placed in your bathroom space, such as for the walls, vanity tops, and tub. Overall, the Calacatta gold marble slab better substitutes for a classic look while allowing you to obtain a modern appearance.

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