Calacatta Laza Quartz Material Features for Modern House Interior Design

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Calacatta Laza Quartz Material Features for Modern House Interior Design

Calacatta Laza quartz is an excellent material option of modern housing with simple yet elegant quality. It has imminent resemblance with natural marble, due to its milky white base color and light brown veins as the pattern. These soft veins offer pronounced movement with capability to liven up the room. If you’re currently searching for upgraded minimalistic interior design, then this material might just be an ideal alternative to go with, whether it is for residential or commercial spaces.

Quartz itself is comprised from natural crystal that mined and grounded into dust particles, then mixed with resins under heat and pressure to create solid slab. Only then the pigments are put on to achieve certain color. However, why should you choose quartz when there are numerous choices out there? Here are some reasons to:

Calacatta Laza Quartz

It has solid hard surface

Quartz surface is extremely hard because it contained 93% mixture of quartz and resin. Hard surface means better resistance from scratches, stains, or chips.

It requires low maintenance

At installation phase, Calacatta Laza quartz doesn’t need sealants. The maintenance is also easy, with regular cleaning by using soapy water and cloth.

It is so versatile

Calacatta Laza is just one amongst many quartz types. It is categorized as man-made stone, so it’s possible to get various colors and styles to match with existing aesthetic of your space.

Calacatta Laza Quartz Material Features for Modern House Interior Design

This wonderful looking variety of quartz is common to be used as countertops material. In kitchen, it pairs so well with similarly cabinetry, as combination for monochrome color palette, farmhouse sink, or stainless-less steel appliances. It gives off dreamy appearance by creating ambience and harmonization in your space while still being eye-catching.

It is not without reason that Calacatta Laza has successfully maintained its position as the one most preferable material for kitchen countertops for long time. In fact, it peaks in terms of popularity in last year due to its adaptability to different functions and style. It is safe to expect Calacatta Laza quartz cost ranges at $50-$70 per sq. ft. Meanwhile, its installation can cost you anywhere at $100-$200 per sq. ft. It typically comes with ten to fifteen years guarantee, depending on the manufacturer. Keep in mind that this stone is an extremely heavy material. Calacatta Laza quartz should only be handled by professional to avoid any damage – as DIY project related to it is probably not the best idea.

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