Cambria Roxwell for Long Lasting and Great Looking Kitchen Countertops

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Cambria Roxwell for Long Lasting and Great Looking Kitchen Countertops 1

Cambria Roxwell is the perfect selection for gorgeous-looking kitchen. Everyone wants their kitchen at home to look elegant, dashing and aesthetically pleasing. It can all be done by using the right countertop. The countertop is the first thing that people will see in the kitchen and it will be color and design to dominate the area. So, why the Roxwell countertop from Roxwell is the best? Find out the answer down below.


The Design

The design looks really dynamic. It is the perfect blend of something sophisticated and something neutral and rustic. It has grey-scale and white-like colors as the color scheme. It looks really beautiful in a modern and contemporary kitchen. The kitchen is going to look more amazing with the marble-like design all over the counter top.


The Material

Cambria Roxwell is made out of the best material available. The material is mostly natural quartz. The highest quality resin and pigments are also added to the blend so that the eventual result of the countertop is hard as stone and it won’t break down easily. It won’t get a scratch from knife and other sharp tools in the kitchen.


The Benefits

There are a lot of benefits from using the stone worktop and countertop from Cambria, like this one over here. First of all, they are very strong and sturdy. They are resilient against anything sharp and hot. There will be no way that the countertop will look bad and crippling after several years of usage. Also, they are easy to clean. The resin part from the countertop makes dirt and stain won’t get down and being absorbed by the countertop, hence easier to clean anyway.

Cambria Roxwell for Long Lasting and Great Looking Kitchen Countertops 2

The Price

Roxwell Cambria kitchen is certainly awesome. However, how much money must you pay for the stone top? The price is not too high and it is certainly reasonable for stone countertop as beautiful as this one. Remember that the countertop is strong and durable, too, so, the price of USD 750 (per square) is totally making sense.

For those who really want their kitchens to look amazing, the countertop with stone material from Cambria is the answer. They look elegant, unique and certainly dashing. They are also strong and durable; making the usage lasts for years, if not decades, with proper maintenance. This is why Cambria Roxwell is the best choice for worktop and countertop in a kitchen.


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