Can You Bury a Propane Tank? Here’s the Answer You’re Looking For

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Can You Bury a Propane Tank

Homeowners who find the sight of propane unpleasing may wonder “can you bury a propane tank?” While propane is often praised for being a great, cost-effective, and reliable source of fuel for appliances and heating, it doesn’t always fit with the aesthetic of your yard, which may cause it to be a straight-up eyesore.

So, is it possible to install it below the ground? Essentially, regardless of whether it is stored, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s manuals and local legal requirements, it will be safe. Propane itself isn’t harmful to water or soil, even in the rare occurrence of leak.

Therefore, to simply answer your question of can you bury a propane tank, yes, it is safe. However, you may be interested in reading more details about underground propane tank below.

Installation process

Similar to the installation process of propane tank above the ground, it is important to ensure that you’ve acquired the necessary permissions, safety examinations, and arrangements in place, prior to the excavation. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete the underground propane tank installation process, including the excavation.

If your household use septic system, it might be necessary to reach the provider to perform hole digging process, to prevent the propane installation team from running over the septic tank, which can lead to massive damage.


Tank safety

In many ways, buried propane tanks are safer than their above-ground counterpart due to different reasons. Underground tanks have better potential to maintain stable temperature despite of the extreme weather and climate conditions. In case leakage occurs, propane won’t harm the soil and water around because it’s originally a green fuel. Most of all, in contrast to the propane tanks located above ground, there’s not risk of escaped fuel that can start a fire into the atmosphere.


Burying above-ground propane tank

If yours don’t happen to be the underground type, you may be curious of can you bury an above ground propane tank. This is not possible, since both types have different set of standards and rules to be followed. Above-ground propane tanks are not designed with specifically required features that make them safe to be stored below the ground surface.

Living with and relying to a propane tank does not mean that you have to sacrifice the visual aspect of your yard. While underground tank is not exactly cheap, it makes an effective alternative to above-ground ones. Hopefully the post below answers your question of can you bury a propane tank and provide more useful information about it.

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