Cantaloupe Companion Plants to Have in Your Backyard Garden

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Cantaloupe Companion Plants to Have in Your Backyard Garden

Having cantaloupe companion plants is quite important when you want your cantaloupe plants to thrive in the garden. Companion plant is like another type of fruit, vegetable, herb, or flower that you plant near the main plant, so both of them can benefit from each other. If you have cantaloupe plants in your garden, these are the best companions you need to put close to them.



Marigold is not only pretty, but also beneficial as companion plant. Planting marigold by the cantaloupe will prevent insects and unwanted pests to go near the cantaloupe. Indeed, marigold releases aroma which the insects and pests cannot stand. You should try to plant this flower as it is pretty and beneficial. The flower also helps the garden to look even nicer.



Choosing melon companion plants or specifically for cantaloupe can be done by herbs, too. Yes, if you like herb garden, you can choose oregano. Just plant oregano near the cantaloupe, and thus you will not see any insects or pests invading the cantaloupe. In fact, oregano has strong smell that they do not like, and thus helping your cantaloupe thriving.



One of the best cantaloupe companion plants is corn. Corn can grow really tall, and it helps as a shade. The bushy nature of corn plant will help shading the cantaloupe and prevent them from absorbing too much sunlight or being spoiled by heavy rain. In addition, the husk of corn is just massive, and it acts like an umbrella to the entire cantaloupe plants.



Last but not least, you need to plant sunflower by the cantaloupe. This big yellow flower is indeed a pretty sight to see, and it is also so beneficial for the cantaloupe. The flowers are capable in attracting hummingbirds, and the birds will most likely to go to the cantaloupe plants as well, making the plants free of any pesky whiteflies as the birds will eat them away.

Well, in order to keep the pests and insects away or to just make the entire plants thrive in general, you need to plant something in close proximity. Those plants above will make sure your cantaloupes will grow so well, and they will be ready for you to harvest them on time. Therefore, if you plan to grow cantaloupe or any types of cucumber or melon, the cantaloupe companion plants are great to have.

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