Carrera Marble Countertops History, Properties, and Pros & Cons

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Carrera Marble Countertops History, Properties, and Pros & Cons

Carrera marble countertops material is one of the most popular available options in the market and an ideal choice for those who are fans of white marble. Offering the benefits of affordability and stunning appearance, it suits with various types of cabinet styles and colors, while bringing more brightness into the space.

Carrera marble, also commonly referred as Carrara, gains its name from where it comes from: the Carrara, Italy. It is a material that has been utilized since the Ancient Rome period, where it was called ‘Luna marble’ back then. That’s why it is safe to say that this marble has extraordinary history. It has been used by plenty of renowned sculptors as well for as long as two thousand years, which only further confirmed of its durable beauty and timeless grace. It can be found in various skyscraper buildings in the United States and the rest of the world, such as in the World Trade Center lobby. In the modern times, it is not rare to find the Carrera marble to be used for home design purposes, including tiles, tabletops, and countertops.

A primary reason of why you should consider using Carrera marble is because it provides such a classic beauty that otherwise cannot be accomplished by using soapstone or granite materials. The marble carries varying and unique veining in each cut, making it impossible for two slabs to be completely identical. Speaking specifically of Carrera marble countertops kitchen, its low heat conductance quality is also another big advantage.

As mentioned previously as well, Carrera marble countertops serve an economical advantage. Some marble category, especially the rare ones, can cost you a whole lot of money. However, Carrera is one of the most affordable types of marble you can get. Depending on your current region, you may get this material installed for $30 to $40 per square foot. It also helps that this marble is so widely available so you won’t find it difficult to find one or get a customized item according to your needs and personal preferences.

That being said, Carrera also has its own drawbacks. Similar to other marble, it has porous quality that makes it easy to absorb liquid. It also has high sensitivity to acidic cleaning solutions such as vinegar, wine or oil that can stain the surface. Another drawback of using Carrera marble countertops is that you need to maintain routine maintenance to retain the clean, shiny, and nice surface.

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