CB2 Stairway Bookcase as A Versatile Wall-mounted Storage for Minimalist Houses

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CB2 stairway bookcase 2

Planning to make your house as a library with CB2 stairway bookcase? It sounds like a good idea with two color options – both are perfect for minimalist concepts. It has seven decks, which simply allow you to put many books on it without any need to purchase an additional bookcase (if possible). What’s good from this product and why the bookcase is so loved by many? We’ll tell you below.

First, we should know who creates the design of this CB2 stairway bookcase. CB2 team is the people behind this bookcase manufacturing. The company is known for producing various furnishings that suit well for modern home. Besides furniture, the company also produces décor items such as mirrors, rugs, and various home accessories.

Now, let’s talk about the bookcase itself. What does the bookcase offer?


The size of this bookcase is big and it can be mounted to your wall. The dimension of the bookcase is 30”x13”x96”. So, it is not an exaggeration if the team named it stairway bookcase since its form looks like a ladder.



The bookcase comes in two colors: white and black. Both of which are perfect for minimalist houses which generally does not involve a lot of colors.



The bookcase contains seven levels of shelves which come to 8-feet height. The shelves are made with wood and polished with hi-glass white lacquer.

CB2 stairway bookcase 3


As for the frame, it is made with aluminum frame. The white color comes from it being white powder-coated.



According to the official website of CB2, the price of this stairway bookcase by CB2 is $399.00. Shipment fees are still excluded. International delivery is possible to make but you cannot process the order through their online method: you need to place a call so that you can get the order right.

So, what are people talking about when it comes to this bookcase? Some people said that this is a must-have item given that the bookcase cannot only be used for books but also for other items. In general, this product is a versatile one. The quality is also said to be fantastic.

Others mentioned that the bookcase is easy to assemble and sturdy enough even for supporting a lot of books. Timeless and definitely beautiful design also what makes the product isn’t something that attract buyers to purchase the product.

So, what do you think about the product? If you are a book worm and want to treasure your books in a decently styled bookcase, this CB2 stairway bookcase is a must-have item!

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