Cerused Oak Cabinets: What You Need to Know

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Cerused Oak Cabinets

Cerused Oak cabinets are perfect furniture if you want to bring a country look or vintage look to your house. Oak is a wood material that can provide a warm look. On the other hand, cerusing is a wood finishing technique that involves whiting. The whiting is rubbed into the grain of wood and then hand waxed. This wood finishing technique adds contrast that is purposed to accentuate the beauty of woods’ grains, usually Oak. There are quite many DIY cerused Oak cabinets if you want to build them yourself.

Oak is categorized as hardwood. From a scale of 1 to 5, the hardness scale of Oak is at 4. Moreover, this type of wood has a gorgeous texture and wood fiber. It also has large pores so that Oak can easily absorb water. Oak has color grading from reddish, to greenish brown and white. Thanks to its large pores, Oak can also easily dry when it is exposed to water. Moreover, Oak is resistant to mold and bugs. This is why cerused Oak cabinets are a great option for any of you who want to have a durable cabinet.

On the other hand, Oak is weak against the sun’s heat. Hot weather will bend this wood due to drastic shrinkage. So, you are not suggested to place an Oak cabinet outdoors. Choose an Oak cabinet if you want to adopt the rustic style or rural style. This way, you will be able to highlight the warm and natural looks from those 2 styles, especially if you leave the cabinets unfinished. The involvement of the whiting makes the Oak cabinets look more antique. The whiting also makes the cabinets suitable to be placed in a modern-styled room.

Oak is a quite expensive wood material. So, it will be better if you regularly take care of it. At least you need to regularly keep dust away from the cabinet and perform regular coating or polishing. Natural colors become favorites for Oak cabinets, such as black, white, and grey. Some people adds a touch of red or gold in order to add a little touch of luxury and modern looks. Cerused Oak cabinetry is a good choice if you want to bring a clean, neat, and simple look to your house. You can combine cerused Oak cabinets with a glass material if you want to use it as a display furniture for your collections.

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