Chimney Repointing Project: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Consider It When Needed

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Chimney Repointing Project

Chimney repointing project is usually done when the chimney stack shows deteriorating signs such as when the mortar in-between its bricks is worn out and crumbling. Not only this occurrence can result in unpleasing looks, but also some serious effects such as weakened chimney stack’s structural integrity. Therefore, it is important to do repair by fixing the cement (mortar) that’s visible amongst the bricks.

So, what does chimney repointing mean? This construction project includes taking off the decaying materials from the bricks’ gaps, such as loose components and parts that may prevent the newly applied mortar to bond the bricks. After it is done, the gaps are filled again with mortar. The last step is to apply finishing to make the chimney appears nicer and to give protection from other elements.

Below are some reasons why you should consider performing chimney repointing:

Increase the chimney’s lifespan

Brick is a wonderful material that can last up to 100 years, given that it isn’t exposed to extreme circumstances. However, the mortar can only last about a quarter of that number. Over the years, temperature and weather changes will make the mortar crumble. This is the situation that can make the general chimney stack’s structure weakened and increase the chance of elements pervading the gaps between the bricks.


Maintain visual appearance of your chimney

Similar to other types of brickworks, the chimney stack’s appearance is a lot less interesting it’s left in crumbling condition. If a damaged chimney is not given repointing treatment, then it would look worn out.


Keep water out of the building

Leaking water to the inside part of your home is another risk of letting mortar crumbling. Water damage can result in various problem, but deteriorating mortar will allow water to get into the chimney and makes it way to other areas of the house.


Protect the chimney

After all, the main reason why it is important to consider repointing your chimney when needed is because it will make sure that the chimney’s structure is not affected and lessen the risk of injury or damage to individuals and property.

While repointing project is not entirely possible to be done on your own, it’s still recommended to hire a professional to carry this project. A knowledgeable contractor will be able to make sure that the chimney repointing results in a visually pleasing and properly working chimney.

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