Clayton Homes Lulamae as a Family House with Decent Facilities and Appearance

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Clayton Homes Lulamae as a Family House with Decent Facilities and Appearance

Do you dream of having a house like the one offered by Clayton Homes Lulamae? With a decent space of 1,832 sq ft2, you can live there with your small family. The house is also perfect for families with teens too since the house has 2 other bedrooms aside from the grand one. Below is the specification of the Lulamae’s house.


Lulamae house: at a glance

From outside, the Lulamae house offers ‘cute’ house with white paint. If you purchase this house, white is the default color. There is a covered porch with little stairs leading to the living room. At a glance, the house has huge ratio between its length and width. The house is equipped with many windows so the inner rooms are bright as an addition to the white wooden wall.

Clayton Homes Lulamae as a Family House with Decent Facilities and Appearance


  • The house is equipped with 3 bedrooms. There is one master bedroom with bathroom included inside, as well as double sinks, toilets, bathtub, and also showering room.
  • Located front is the family room that also serves as a living room where you can enjoy the leisure time with your family. There are also big windows on this room so the room becomes bright – and needs no additional lighting especially on a bright day.
  • The living room is also connected with dining room and kitchen. This makes dining time more enjoyable. Inviting guests for a meal can also be done easily without needing to move far to other rooms.
  • Electric stoves, pantry, and kitchen sets are available. The kitchen also has a door linking to the porch, so clean air can be easily got in.
  • Aside from the bathroom inside the grand bedroom, there is another bathroom with smaller bathtub, toilet, and shower. But, unlike the larger bathroom inside the grand bedroom, the shower is not separated from the bathtub.
  • Closets are available per bedroom. Also, there is a utility room near the kitchen so that you can do laundry in the room.


Reasons why to choose Lulamae house

Clayton Homes Lulamae is one house that many people would love to purchase. The first reason why choose this house is that this house is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Second, its features will suit suburban lifestyle. Second, you can choose this house since the builder itself has a good reputation. Clayton has paved its way long since 1956. With a good people review and many types of houses to offer, you can place your trust into Clayton.

With the price of around $106,000 at 2018, choosing this Lulamae house can be a nice option to have your own house this year. Clayton Homes Lulamae reviews have been more positive so far, and that’s why choosing Clayton Homes Lulamae is not a bad decision to make.


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