Cost of 20×30 Concrete Slab and What Factors to Determine the Price

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Cost of 20x30 Concrete Slab and What Factors to Determine the Price

In fact, the cost of 20×30 concrete slab is something everyone wants to know, especially by those who plan to build a house or extra exterior feature for the house. The slab is mostly used to build the foundation for porch, patio, garden base and more on the backyard. The price for slab in that size is around USD 3,600 in average. What factors determining the price, then? These are some of them.


The Location of the Construction

The cost of concrete slab will depend on the location of construction for sure. The location will determine whether or not the slab is going to be easily built. If the location is in chilly area with steep soil and hard-to-process surface, the price of slab will be way more expensive as it takes more labor time.


The Quality of the Concrete

Moreover, there are so many types of concrete, and they are coming from many different brands as well. This is the reason why you need to understand the cost of 20×30 concrete slab will depend heavily on the quality of concrete. The better the concrete, surely the more expensive the overall price of the slab is. Usually, a high-grade concrete will result in crack-proof slab.


The Thickness of the Slab

The thickness of slab is so important to consider since it is the factor that determines the eventual prize. Of course, the thicker the slab, the more expensive the price will be. The average thickness of slab is around four inches, but you can get more or less. The thicker slab is usually for things like outdoor patio to give it a better foundation.


The Additional Features

If you want the slab completed by additional feature, surely the price will be more expensive. The additional features are including fences around the slab or chicken wire inside the structure to enhance the sturdiness of slab. They can all be added to the slab, depending on how much money you have.

That is all you need to know about the price of the slab. Of course, it is not cheap because most of slabs are there for permanent usage. In this case, make sure you can communicate with your contractor and then determine the best slab for your building. Since you already know the cost of 20×30 concrete slab, you can prepare the budget start from now on.

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