Create Versailles Pattern With Travertine Tiles

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Create Versailles Pattern With Travertine Tiles

Versailles pattern Travertine is also known as a French pattern. If you want the flooring at your house to look timeless and classic, the Versailles pattern Travertine layout is ideal for you. Travertine is an ideal and popular option for both indoor and outdoor floorings because it offers a broad, various range of colors. Moreover, it also has great durability. Travertine is a flooring material that comes in many varieties, from rustic, matte, elegant, to highly polished.

On the other hand, the Versailles pattern is also popular for some reasons. This classic pattern is easy to install as well as offers a variety of scale and timeless look. Below are the benefits of the Versailles pattern.

Classic Look

One of the main benefits of the Versailles pattern Travertine or French pattern is its classic appeal that will bring the timeless look to your house. The repeated pattern makes it easier for you to install the flooring. This classic design is best combined with tiles with chiseled or honed edges with a light polish or matte polish. Travertine tiles with a matte, rustic look is the perfect combination for the classic pattern. By applying this pattern, you will also get a hint of a vintage style.


As it is said before, the Versailles pattern is versatile. It is because this classic design comes in various sizes, making it ideal for both small rooms and spacious rooms. Applying this pattern to your flooring will be helpful for making the room look cohesive and more spacious. You are able to apply this French pattern to any space at your house. You can apply it to your foyer, bathroom, and even shower wall because this pattern offers great versatility.

Cost Effective

The Versailles pattern is cost-effective because it combines large, medium, and small tiles. Large tiles are surely more expensive. It will cost you a significant amount of money if you use only large tiles for floorings. On the other hand, using small tiles will take a lot of time, especially for a spacious room. The Versailles pattern can keep the cost affordable because it uses the combination of large tiles and small tiles that are more expensive.

As you can see, the Versailles pattern provides significant benefits. The benefits make it an ideal pattern to apply to both residential places and commercial places. Are you interested to apply this Versailles pattern Travertine at your house?

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