Cuddler Sectional with Chaise Features and Placement Guide

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Cuddler Sectional with Chaise Features and Placement Guide

Cuddler sectional with chaise is a type of sofa that has extended cushion at one of its edge, which can be used to lying down. It is basically a combination and transition model between conventional sofa and sectional chaise sofa. It’s such a perfect model to get if you plan to use the space for relaxing activities, like reading or watching TV.

The design allows you to stretch your whole body out or fall asleep on top of it without cramming your body inconveniently, which is a downside to L sectional model sofa. This particular sofa type also offers leg support, a feature that cannot be found in other models. Thus, if you are someone who prone of getting leg cramps or easily eel discomforted in leg area, this design might benefit you by resolving the problem.

To make the best buying decision regarding cuddler sectional with chaise, here is a helpful list that contains the beneficial features of this sofa model. You can use it when you’re about to shop for one.

  1. One of the sofa’s end has angled seat form. This section features a deeper cushion of seat area than the other part of the sofa.
  2. Cuddler corner, the special feature, is turned towards the inside to face the other sofa area.
  3. The cushion of extensive seat appears like a little chaise that’s trimmed on certain angle.

One of the considerations you have to take into account when choosing between sectional sofas with cuddler chaise or conventional L sectional sofa is the mood that you’re trying to set in the room. L section is more suitable for formal space, which sole purpose is to entertain guests in formal setting. Meanwhile, sectional chaise will look out of place in a room that’s built for formal entertainment. No one would prefer to sit on the chaise so it will also be a waste of space.

However, if you intended to make this piece of furniture as the center and focal point of the huge room, then sectional chaise will be perfect. Make sure not to push the chaise section against the wall so other people can appreciate the unique shape in a whole. For a large room, this model will make a great seating option because cuddler sectional with chaise can be mixed and matched with different styles of extra chairs or modular sectional sofas to create a stand-out furnishing combination.

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