DIY Truck Bed Storage Solutions for Your Flexible Item Space

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DIY Truck Bed Storage Solutions for Your Flexible Item Space 1

The truck is now equipped with DIY truck bed storage solutions in form of truck boxes. We know in every truck there is a storage box. It is useful, but it is not enough for storing large amounts of tools and goods. DIY storage system comes as a solution. In fact, it also functions to retain the use of the truck beds. For a truck user, there are several tips to customize, thanks to the presence of DIY storage system.


To make DIY storage system on your truck, you need the containers to keep all the tools and goods. The containers you need are plastic tubs as the price is economical and simple. They must be able to accommodate the loads, such as oversized items, boards and pipes. To make it not easy to slip when you are driving the truck, a fastener or clamp is needed to make it tight.



Using a bookshelf behind the truck as a part of the DIY truck bed storage solutions is the best way to store items. You can also use the shelf parts for compartments to store the separate items. Next, you can provide a piece of plywood with a set of hinges that’s hung on the bookshelf as a flat work area to cover the compartments.



You can prepare and build a sliding system from a drawer that runs the length of your truck bed storage. After that, proceed with dividers and the basic form to build cabinet that can be shifted over the tailgate.


Truck box

After the drawers are in unity, you can set them aside before installation. Afterwards, you also need to set a set of box to the tailgate, lift it to the truck then move it to the middle. It needs the help of others to lift. This is the last DIY truck bed storage customization. It is about installing truck box as the final to the solutions.

It depends on you to have a storage system on the truck, whether to make it yourself or order it to the supplier. However, a truck bed organizer is a good accessory to optimize the place and ensure the easy access to your cargo and equipment in truck. With the DIY truck bed storage solutions, you can save even more on costs since you only need to buy the materials and prepare the tools.


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