Double Wide Mobile Homes for Sale to be Moved – Things to Know

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Double Wide Mobile Homes for Sale to be Moved – Things to Know

Many people are after double wide mobile homes for sale to be moved. It is also caused by the trend of mobile home living style. Of course, the mobile home has differences from the on-site home buildings.

You need to deal with a more complicated installation and financing, but plumbing is not as difficult as regular houses. In this article, we have things you need to know about mobile homes. Also, this article will help you a lot if you are looking for free mobile homes to be moved.

Mobile home installation

According to the policy, incorrect or improper installation of prefab houses is what you will see on the warranty complaints. Thus, it is very crucial to make sure your mobile home is installed correctly.

The HUD recommends the house should have at least 5-inches slove around the first 10 feet of the building. Long story short, every foot of the house needs about ½ inch slope. It helps to set up the best drainage so the water won’t pool under the building. Whether you are buying a new one or getting the double wides for sale Craiglist, be sure about the rule mentioned above.

Keep in mind that the house is built on a curved metal. The metal is in charge to distribute the weight of the home evenly in all directions.

The skirting and underbelly part

Before buying double wide mobile homes for sale to be moved, you need to check the underbelly. This part should be clean from tears and rips. Of course, you can repair the belly boards by using special tape and patches.

If you are planning to live in the repo double wide mobile homes, check if the plumbers and HVAC have repaired holes and tears due to initial installation. Meanwhile, the skirting should be within 4 feet of every corner. It is supposed to get rid of dead air pockets trapped under the house. These areas are where mold and mildew would grow abundantly. When summer comes, open the skirting vents, and always close them during winter.

Other consideration

There are tons of things you need to consider before using a mobile home as your living area. Even though it allows you to save money, these factors need to be planned thoroughly. And this is the end section of things to know before buying and living in double wide mobile homes for sale to be moved.

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