Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Table: Understanding the Details of This Antique

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Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Table

You may wonder what is so special about Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table. Well, it is an antique table which is great if you love such kind of furniture. Some of you may even wonder, what is Duncan Phyfe? Is it a brand? The answer is simple: it is the name of a craftsman that lived during the late 18th century to early 19th century. To be exact, Duncan Phyfe was born on 1768 and passed away in 1854.

His products are said to have a huge number of loyal fans, given that his furniture styles are typically fashionable with strong European grace embedded onto it. It is no wonder that he became the spokesman for the style of Neoclassicism in the States.

The design of Duncan Phyfe furniture is typically influenced with what is popular in the Europe circa late 1700s to early 1800s, following the trend in years he lived in. One of his popular furniture is Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table. It has its own style which can help you to differ it from other furniture makers.

You may wonder how unique his furniture is. Phyfe somehow is well-known for his perfect furniture proportions as well as its elegant lines that many Neoclassical furniture owns. However, his design is just exceptional that many customers are continuously purchased his products.

What’s great from Phyfe’s furniture is that he kept seeing the styles that are renowned that time. So, he doesn’t close his eyes from the surrounding—apparently, what makes his product is well-received by the public.

How is his furniture produced? It is fun to know that there are many producers that copied his style after his passing, but during his time, he hired more than 100 craftsmen to work on furniture under his style. Since he owns lots of manpower to work on the furniture, it is normal to know that you will find many Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table for sale.

Then what should you do in order to differentiate the original piece and the repro? Unfortunately, you will find it quite tricky to find an original piece from Phyfe’s company. Why so? If you find a quality repro, that’d be very hard to tell it as a repro since the design and the quality may resemble the original.

However, that doesn’t mean we cannot identify Phyfe’s furniture at all. It is said that Phyfe only puts his signature—not any other details—on a few products. That can be concluded that Phyfe’s furniture will not have signature, in major.

Aside from that, you can find it original if the seller can prove its bill of purchase that’s aged around 175-215 years old, if possible. It is also important that Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table has embedded its trademark ‘Phyfe style’.

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