Ecohousemart Timber Home that You Can Buy Easily from Amazon

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Ecohousemart Timber Home that You Can Buy Easily from Amazon

Ecohousemart timber home is one example of homes you can buy online at Amazon. You read it right – it can be found on Amazon. It is a brilliant idea that allows you to have a beautiful timber house that takes a fewer time to build. How so, it is because the Ecohousemart’s homes come in a kit that you can assembly yourself (or with a help of a professional!)


What is Ecohousemart timber house?

Ecohousemart is a kit house provider, which offers laminated timber houses and laminated log house kits online. In case of timber houses, there are many options of houses you can choose, varying from traditional to contemporary frame designs. Some of them may include 2-story houses.

By purchasing Ecohousemart timber home, you can make building your home as a DIY project, if you decide to assemble it yourself. The provider also sells out carport, barbecue gazebo, bath house, and garden house, of course with matching designs and sizes too.


Why choose Ecohousemart houses?

Below are several reasons why one should choose this product:

  • Using the wood as main materials, the construction is a natural and environment-friendly. Wood is known to be having no negative effect for human body. Moreover, since the wood doesn’t use paint, it doesn’t bring any chemical hazardous materials for the users.
  • Energy efficiency, as the wood is a good heat insulator. It is perfect for both summer and winter – keeping the right ‘amount’ of heat inside the building.
  • Eco-friendly, as wood is one example of renewable natural resources. Also, it needs less energy consumption compared to concrete and brick production. Hence, air pollution can be minimized.

Ecohousemart Timber Home that You Can Buy Easily from Amazon

What is included into the kit?

Frame set, including:

  1. The details of the house frame, made from glued laminated timber which is designed as the house project.
  2. Internal and external frames
  3. Glued structural posts
  4. Window openings, door openings, partition walls.
  5. Floor elements, including wood exterior decks, and beams of basement
  6. Roof elements, like rafters, purlins, and ceiling joists


Designs, size, and pricing

As mentioned earlier, you can choose various designs from contemporary houses to traditional ones. There are barbecue gazebo and carport too as additional sets you can order too. The houses size vary, starting from around 1,000 ft2 to 3,700 ft2. Most of these houses are two-story buildings with many spaces to install windows to keep the house bright. As for the price, one can purchase the Ecohousemart timber home for about $40000.

That’s a few information you may need before purchasing an Ecohousemart’s timber home. Ecohousemart timber home can be one of the great choices to make a cabin-like house for any purposes, from permanent residence or a holiday house.

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