Engineered Beam Span Tables and How Extent Does Engineered Beam Span?

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Engineered Beam Span Tables and How Extent Does Engineered Beam Span

If you wonder what engineered beam span tables are, you are not alone. Talking about stuff like this may be not for everyone, but at least you should try to understand it even for a bit. So, what does this term mean? To understand about it, that would be better if we are talking about the definition of engineered beam first.

What is engineered beam?

The term engineered beam and engineered wood is similar, as engineered beam is made from engineered wood. So, what is engineered wood?

Simply put, engineered wood can be defined as a type of wood which is man-made. The ‘man-made’ aspect comes from the fact that this type of wood is made by combining various derivative products. Later, these products are combined into one by binding it.

The wood is manufactured typically by fixing the strands, veneers, fibers, or even boards to create a strong new product that is bound by some type of fixations. But in general, using adhesive is the most common way to make this type of wood.


Is this wood strong?

Although there are no specific experiment showing that engineered beam is strong, it IS strong. This is why this type of wood product can be used in various purposes, from residential and mid-rise construction projects.


What are the types of engineered wood?

There are various types of engineered wood currently in our market, which includes:

  • Plywood,
  • Wood-plastic composite
  • Fibreboard
  • Laminated veneer
  • Particle board
  • Beams, and so many else.
  • In terms of making table, how far can an engineered beam span?

An engineered beam is quite uncommon to be used in making tables, but it is still feasible to make it from one. This is because engineered beam is often designed as Ⅰ-shaped, which is mainly used for rooftops or floors.

According to sources, the span of engineered beam depends on what kind of wood it is consisting of. For example, if you get a LVL beam, it can span up to 60 feet. So, you can basically make engineered beam span tables with that size (although it seems no one wants to make a 60-feet table).

As for the thickness, beams too are coming with various sizes to choose from. It also depends on which type of beam you are using. Again referring to LVL beam, you can get a 1¾ inch and it can go up to 7 inch in thickness.

Hope those details about the engineered beam helps you in understanding more about engineered wood and engineered beam to specific. Plus, we also hope you can make your engineered beam span tables.

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