Find Out Elongated Hexagon Backsplash Pros and Cons

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Find Out Elongated Hexagon Backsplash Pros and Cons

Who knows that elongated hexagon backsplash will remain as one of backsplash pattern mostly used? It is not exaggerating to admit this backsplash pattern is an elegant addition for the look of your kitchen, especially the area near the sink to avoid wet splash. Or, simply to avoid oil splatter which can be overwhelming to clean off.

You may wonder does this backsplash pattern worth to install. Well, why not? It is true the hexagon backsplash is on the trend list right now. But still, there must be homeowners who think such pattern is quick to date, too.

However, needless to say that from experience, it is hard to skip the charm of geometric shapes. To mention it short, its beauty is timeless. Moreover, it gives better option than just sticking with rectangular or square options. Aside from that, there are some more pros that you can learn before installing hexagon backsplash, whether it is a tile, natural stone, ceramic, or glass.

It looks elegant

The geometric shape simply emerges elegance even when idling. Besides, elongated hexagon backsplash can also come as a nice pick if you feel bored to pick only square or rectangular one.


The backsplash comes with various looks to choose from

Another reason why you should pick this shape is because you can have broad ranges of colors, materials, sizes, and finishes. Well, you should know the hexagon backsplash does not only come with one look only.


Versatile placing

Whether it is for kitchen or something that you can place on bathroom, patio, or laundry room, literally it is not only for kitchen backsplash.

Aside from having pros, this backsplash also has its cons. The trickiest part comes from installing a hexagon backsplash itself. Since the shape is not that common to use (compared to rectangular or square ones), the installation itself takes time and experience. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional instead of installing it by yourself.

Even after hiring a professional, long installation time is what you should expect. Tiling process with hexagonal tiles will be more difficult since you need to work with more sides to make the tiles placed right.

In addition, hexagon backsplash can be a bit pricier than the regular square or rectangular ones. You will also need an expert to count how many elongated hexagon backsplash tiles that you need in order to cover all required areas.

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