Full Overlay Shaker Cabinets, What Is It and What are the Benefits of Using It

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Full Overlay Shaker Cabinets, What Is It and What are the Benefits of Using It

Full overlay shaker cabinets are available as one of the kitchen cabinet styles you can choose as a homeowner. Shaker furniture design style itself was developed by an 18th century group that went with the similar name. Similar to their philosophy of leading an extremely simplistic lifestyle, Shaker-styled cabinets don’t usually have intricate or overly appealing decoration details, but instead prioritizing functionality and clean looks. The reason why shaker cabinets is gaining popularity which likely seem to stay in the upcoming years, is because of their timeless style. They have ability to suit with traditional, modern, and contemporary interior design.

You may identify these cabinets by their 5-piece doors with leveled non-protruding panels and without bevel on the frame. This construction, which is also typically called as frame & panel or rail & style results in simple and clean appearance. In addition, as mentioned before, full-overlay is only one of the several construction styles of shaker cabinets, along with inset and partial-overlay. The primary difference between these designs lays in the position of the cabinet doors to the cabinet front and the amount of exposed front frame (overlay).

In inset cabinets, the doors and drawers are set to fit within the front frame of the cabinet. This allows a full cabinet frame view, as there’s only a tiny gaps or spacing between the components of the cabinet. Meanwhile, in partial-overlay style, there’s approximately 1” of exposed space within the cabinet frame when its doors and drawers are closet.

On the other hand, in full overlay shaker style cabinets, the entire front frame of the cabinet is covered without any visible gap and raised edges. The cabinet’s interior area is not interfered unlike the case with inset or partial-overlay cabinet style. Full overlay shaker cabinets are typically frameless, that’s why it is popular to use within modern kitchens by providing uninterrupted and sleek looks – even though it actually matches well with different interior design style. A genuine full-overlay style normally leaves as small as 1/8 to 1/4 inch clearance on the edges of left and right sides and 1/4 inch clearance on the edges of upper and bottom sides.

Choosing to install kitchen cabinet in Shaker style will help to create better ambience of your space. Besides offering a unique arrangement of the dwelling area, it also has a simple and neat appearance. Full overlay shaker cabinets in particular, can create a free and complicated impression of the home.

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