Geomni Roof Measurements Report for Professional Roof and Property Contractors

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Geomni Roof Measurements Report for Professional Roof and Property Contractors

Geomni roof measurement is one of the many parts of Geomni Squares, which launched by Verisk Business Geomni last year. It is an instant roof squares report to help the contractors bid on roofing project accurately, confidently, and quickly. With how heavy and fast-paced the competition in the construction industry work, it is easy for many contractors to get pitted against each other on the same project. A fast and easy access to the property information allows the roofing contractors to skip over the on-site visit and just going straight to provide data about roof square numbers to place the bids on the project.

Geomni roof provides accurate data and information by using machine learning technology that produce aerial images and calculation about roof square and its predominant slope. The roof squares number matters a lot in order to start and put bids on roof remodeling or replacement project. A roof square is an area that measure 100-square feet. The number shows about imagery about the roof’s size. Once the contractor gets this data, they can estimate the project cost by calculating how much labor, equipment, and material needed. Therefore, they can be significantly faster in taking a step ahead compared to their competitors.

The Geomni Company, under the Verisk or VRSK, runs their business on the field of property-related analytics based on address and location database. The company uses modern machine learning technologies and the latest remote sensing to gather, process, store, and deliver data and information spatially and geographically, in terms of commercial buildings and personal residential.  The data helps property contractors and professionals to discover hazards, determine damage, assess risk and perform evaluations. In short, Geomni provide various crucial tools to protect property, financial assets, and people by their property analytic database.

Geomni roof report which included in the Geomni Squares can be ordered through the online management portal Geomni Dashboard. You have to input the exact address of the location, verify it on the map, and choose the report. The company will send you a PDF report shortly after you have placed our order. The Geomni service helps roof contractor projects to run seamlessly and once they win the bids; there are other roofing solutions available that may be worth to try. There is also a package from Geomni roof of complete measurement, which includes realistic visualization of property, to show to your clients the imagery of finished project.

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