How Much Is Average Labor Cost for Installing Hardwood Floors?

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How Much Is Average Labor Cost for Installing Hardwood Floors

Coming here in search of average labor cost for installing hardwood floors? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will help you discover how much bucks you need to spend when you plan to remodel your house, especially installing hardwood floors.

First of all, you may wonder what hardwood floor is. To be simply put, hardwood floor is a flooring material that comes from broadleaved tree, such as ash, oak, or beech. This kind of flowing can help to enhance the look of your house. Not only that, but the flooring also requires low maintenance as it is easy to clean.

Aside from that, solid hardwood flooring is long-lasting as it is strong enough to handle dents or falls. The look will also match with any kind of décor theme you have in the house.

With all advantages mentioned, it becomes tempting to install this in your house, right? If you are interested in giving your house a beautiful touch with hardwood flooring, make sure to learn first about the average labor cost for installing hardwood floors. You know, budget is the basic of all remodeling processes.

According to Home Advisor, the average hardwood flooring labor cost is $3-$5 per square foot. Don’t forget that you will also need to add the material cost as well, which is around $3-$7 per square foot.

However, while average labor price to install hardwood flooring isn’t determined by the material type, each hardwood material comes with different price. To give you some insight, here is the list material’s price per square foot.


The average price for this type of flooring is $4.5-$10. With this kind of flooring, you can get a rustic pattern and the colors are beautiful. However, this may dent easily.



It comes with $5-$11 in price. It’s a sustainable option to have and is durable enough. Colors are green and pale yellow.


White ash

It comes with $9-$13 in price. Quite durable, yet if you desire to stain the flooring it’s a bit difficult.


White oak

The average price of it is $8-$15. Despite its name, it has reddish color. It comes with tight grain and that makes this hardwood becomes extremely durable. With its color, it brings along warm ambiance.


Brazilian walnut

This is considered as the most expensive among all flooring materials in this list since it comes with $11-$20. Exotic thanks to its origin, this wood is extremely durable and hard enough to avoid dents.



The famous material maple comes with $6.5-$11 as its price. This material is great to use for high-traffic areas as it is dent resistant.

So, that’s the price range and the benefits of each flooring material. Add it with the average labor cost for installing hardwood floors, and you can get the minimal budget you need to prepare for remodeling your house.

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