Ikea Granas Table with Elegant Design for Proper Functionality

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Ikea Granas Table

You may use IKEA granas table in the living room. This kind of table has unique style, especially the top part. The surface is designed with tempered glass in plain clean contour. The purpose is to ensure you can put anything easily and safely. To know more about this product, more explanation will be in the next section.

The design and construction

At the first glance, it looks like standard table with legs and frame. The only difference is what you see as the cover for tabletop is glass material. It is attached directly on the surface, making the smoothest table at all. Moreover, the glass has frames to hold and extra section at below for minor storage.

IKEA sells it as product that customers must assembly on their own. You do not need to worry because the manual is available as guideline. The most important thing is you must be careful when assembling because the glass and metal are easy to break. It does not mean the product is low quality. On contrary, assembling is done, and you can see this is very strong to hold the things. IKEA granas table dimensions are available with various options.


The function

IKEA granas table is usually for living room. People do not use the table too much. It can keep enough weight and maintain the integrity. Some products are quite big for dining table. If you pick this one, IKEA will provide extra cover. The table for dining room must be strong and safe. Another function is for study or office table. Make sure the room does not have too much crowd.


The precaution

You need to place the table in the right spot. For living room, it should be directly in front of seating or sofa. Avoid the section where people move around. Even though it is safe when someone hits it accidently, you should clear the space to avoid direct touch. The glass is vulnerable, and you should prevent the collision with anything. Another precaution is the sharp object or fragment that will scratch it.


The maintenance

The good thing about this is it lasts longer than wooden. Metal and glass are stronger to maintain their integrity. You can use this table more than five years. The maintenance only takes few steps. Make sure the surface is clean. Water is enough to clean IKEA granas table.

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