Installing 12×24 Porcelain Tile on Wall – Tips from a Pro

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Installing 12x24 Porcelain Tile on Wall – Tips from a Pro

Generally, installing 12×24 porcelain tile on wall has the same step as installing floor tile. Other than that, porcelain tiles offer the same advantages too, such as durability, various patterns, interesting colors, and design flexibility.

But what should you do to install it correctly? What if you have no idea about where to start laying 12×24 tile? In this article, we will show you several things you need to know about installing porcelain tiles on the wall.

The flawlessness of porcelain tiles

As mentioned earlier, porcelain tiles offer tons of advantages to the users. Besides the stunning appearance and durability, this material can also create a stunning backsplash in the kitchen – putting this material on the shower walls is also a good idea.

You don’t need to worry even if you need durable material to be installed in wet areas. Tiles simply resist moisture intrusion. Generally, the procedures of installing 12×24 shower tile layout are similar to when you install tiles on the floor. However, a few things need to be considered, especially if you will install the tiles in a wet area.

Find the right porcelain tiles

Even though we all believe that porcelain tiles have superior water resistant quality, not all tiles are created equal. Before installing 12×24 porcelain tile on wall, you need to speak to the tile dealer to find the right porcelain tiles.

There is a type of tile that can absorb a high amount of water – it is called non-vitreous. This type of tile should better be avoided if you plan on installing large wall tile in shower. Meanwhile, the semi vitreous type can absorb water in a lower amount. You can use this type of tile for the backsplash.

The good news is that glazed porcelain tiles are the right option for wet areas. This tile is created to resist water at its best while you can get a stunning look for your shower area. As mentioned earlier, you need the right tile for the right spot.


More than anything, the appearance of a room is also an important part. Other than the function, the look could make or break a room. Decorating wet areas like the shower in your bathroom might require careful planning. It is highly advised to hire a professional instead of installing the tile on your own. And this is the end section of things to know about installing 12×24 porcelain tile on wall.

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