Jean Royere Polar Bear Sofa Facts that You Should Know

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Jean Royere Polar Bear Sofa Facts that You Should Know

Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa is one of the most famous pieces of furniture all around the world. The sofa is so legendary, and it is now considered as something with high cash value. For those who love decorating the house using unique-looking furniture, read more about the facts about this elegantly rounded sofa on the information below.


Designed During the World War II

One of the most amazing things about Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa is the fact that the entire design was thought by Jean Royère during the World War II. Yes, in the time where everything seems so uncertain, he French designer could think off a beautiful idea about making a rounded, fuzzy sofa to keep everyone warm.


Behind the “Polar Bear” Name

The sofa is named “Polar Bear” because it is massive, fuzzy and fluffy. Yes, if you see it at a glance, you may figure out that from afar it looks like a polar bear in fetal position. Jean Royère named the piece of furniture like that because the sofa reminded him a lot to the animal, which is apparently true.


Considered as Antique Today

This sofa is now considered as antique. This is why if you happen to look at the original, you will probably be at an high-class antique shop or furniture collection. Because of this, you may not be surprised that the price of the sofa is like very, very expensive. This is why people prefer to get the Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa replica instead of the new one.


Loved by A-Class Celebrities

We all know that the sofa is now considered as a masterpiece and the price is not cheap, like at all. This is why some of the lucky people who can actually own the sofa are celebrities. Jennifer Anniston is one of them. She openly admitted that she loves the sofa and has one in her house. Kanye West also does the same. He stated that he owns this Polar Bear sofa at home.

Yes, the sofa is that exceptional. Everyone loves it, and even decades after the sofa was designed, it is still on high demand today. The price is really high to this day, and this is why a lot of people simply cannot afford it. They rely on the replica. However, the real and original Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa is indeed something that’s truly beautiful and such a masterpiece.

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