Jute Rug Dining Room to Create Natural Interior Design without Sacrificing Convenience

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Jute Rug Dining Room to Create Natural Interior Design without Sacrificing Convenience

Incorporating jute rug dining room is one way to bring natural splendor inside your house. Jute rug is a type of rug that’s created from fibers of dried plants. They are woven together as one to make durable and visually pleasing carpeting solution indoor.

As mentioned before, jute rug material is comprised from dried plant fiber – jute plant from Asia to be particular. This specific plant’s fiber is famous for its durability, which is why it’s often used for ropes or burlap fabric as well. Even if you use this rug for years, it will be able to maintain its softness. It is even claimed as one of the plushest natural fibered rugs. Compared to other materials such as sisal rug, jute rug fibers have more wool-like texture that’s ideal to put your feet above, even on bare condition.

The primary reason of why people use jute rug for under dining table besides its renowned delicacy, is the organic and exotic look it provides. The rug is perfect to buy if you want to bask in the natural outdoor settings and earthy vibes in general. It’s even ideal to put on the room where your kids or pets like to lie down, such as living room, while they are watching TV or play on top of the thick rug.

Naturally, jute rugs are available in nude, brownish, or tan color. However, you can easily order in other shades by having it dyed. That way, you can maintain the organic tones, get a pop of desired color, or stick with your existing monochrome color palette. Besides, it is possible to get the jute rug dining room patterned as well, instead of purchasing one with single solid color.

It is worth to note that jute rug requires regular maintenance to make it looks as nice as possible for long time. Good news is, it doesn’t require too much of a maintenance. You just have to vacuum it frequently, to make sure that there is no buildup of dirt and dust. If you ever get the rug stained, it must be cleaned as soon as you can. It can be done by blotting wet paper towels over the stain instead of rubbing it, to avoid spreading the stain or harming the fibers. If your jute rug dining room stain persists, you can use mixture of water and vinegar, and then blot dipped towel over the stains.

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