Knotty Hickory Cabinets Benefits and Drawbacks to Consider Before Buying One

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Knotty Hickory Cabinets Benefits and Drawbacks to Consider Before Buying One 2

Knotty Hickory cabinets style is one of kitchen cabinetry styles that’s fully capable to makes a statement. Not only it offers timeless appearance and unique texture, but it also serves strength and durability. Hickory lumbar is commonly used in tool handles in hammer and axe due to its toughness, but it can tone up the interior design of your house with all of its grains and striations.

Let’s dive into this specific wood species first. Also commonly referred to as Pecan, Hickory is still included in the Walnut family and easily found in Eastern United States. It is one of the strongest, heavies, and hardest American wood. Its most recognizable characteristic is the dramatic contracts between the light and dark colors that may range from dark brown, reddish-brown, blonde, to white. More knotty Hickory is usually called rustic Hickory, which possess similar attributes, but have more intense color streaks, grain patterns, burls, and of course, knots.

Knotty Hickory Cabinets Benefits and Drawbacks to Consider Before Buying One 1

As mentioned above, durability is a popular characteristic of Hickory wood as well. It makes any Hickory furniture, including cabinet, an investment that can last for so many years. It is not susceptible to scratch or dent and owns great resistance to moisture. Most Hickory kitchen cabinets have extremely strong, smooth, and tight-grained material with dense grain pattern. The grain is typically even and straight, but in some cases may show wavy and irregular motif as well.

Similar to any other wood species, Hickory also has some drawbacks in opposite of its benefits. The biggest drawback when it comes to knotty hickory cabinets kitchen is probably the price, especially if you desire to get a custom crafter one. The price difference between cabinets made from Hickory timber and particle board with the same configuration and design is about $50.

Another drawback of getting knotty Hickory cabinets is the high maintenance it requires, which sadly is caused by the natural twists and knots that makes it beautiful. You need to pay close attention to several things when it comes to Hickory furniture cleaning, such as the spots where greases accumulate and remove them using lemon oil or orange oil, or how to prevent moisture from forming up because it will cause the wood to wrap.  You should also avoid scrubbing the cabinets with rough cleanser as it may ruin the texture and pattern.

Despite these, Hickory wood is still a favorable choice for many residential and commercial projects. Before you choose to purchase Knotty Hickory cabinets, make sure you have learned all the pros and cons related to this furniture material to prevent any potential regret in the future.

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