Knowing the Stackable Washer and Dryer Craigslist Pros and Cons

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Knowing the Stackable Washer and Dryer Craigslist Pros and Cons

When you type “stackable washer and dryer craigslist” on the search tab, you will find a number of different sellers offering used devices. This kind of device is relatively popular among homeowners, especially those who have limited space at home. Regardless of their popularity, they might not be the best choice for your room or even expectations. Consider the pros and cons of this machine before buying a set of used washers and dryers.


1. Perfect for limited spaces

Even though the machines are marketed separately, washing and drying machines that feature stacking capacities are generally manufactured for small areas. The average size is between 74” and 76” high, 27” and 32” deep, and 23” and 28” deep, while the standard unit usually is 27” wide. A small-sized stackable machine can be great if there is no laundry room in your home or you merely want to save some space for a storeroom.

2. Effective cleaning 

Were you aware that front-load washers tend to use less power and water? The front-load machine will mix less washing powder with water than fill up the entire tank with water. If you look for a stackable washer and dryer set craigslist, it’s advised to choose a front-load device that only works with a high-efficient washing agent. They are not explicitly created to handle the suds generated by the detergent easily accessible on the market. Also, consider buying a stackable unit that comes with an Energy Star certificate for more effective cleaning.


1. Small drum capacity

Stackable machines are, of course, usually come with drums with a small capacity compared to the standard units. A regular washer generally has a tank of 3 to 4 cubic feet. However, a stackable machine may only come with approximately 2 cubic feet. But it doesn’t mean that all the second-hand stackable washer and dryer craigslist have a small capacity. It’s still possible for you to find a unit that features a large tank up to around 6 cubic feet. Yet, you will probably need to spare more additional money to afford this type of machine.

2. Require more maintenance

Front-load washers are generally manufactured in a different way compared to its counterpart. Although it is normal for such a machine to accumulate mildew, soap excess, and mold, it’s a whole other story if you own a front-load unit. You will need to give greater attention to nooks in your front-load washer. Before you decide to purchase a used stackable washer and dryer craigslist, keep in mind that you will need to regularly check whether the stackable function is still working correctly.

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