Kuka Swivel Counter Stool Benefits Compared to Standard Stool

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Kuka Swivel Counter Stool Benefits Compared to Standard Stool

Kuka swivel counter stool is one of the innovative products from award-winning and industry leading furnishing items manufacturer, Kuka Home. Kuka is a worldwide enterprise that specializes in manufacturing comfortable furniture based on research and development to provide artistic design and practical functions. Up until this day, you can find its breach stores in over 120 countries, along with its centers of research and development.

There are some advantages that differ Kuka swivel counter stool from ordinary counter stool. Below are some benefits you can get by choosing this stool model:

  1. Swivel counter stools allow more room for movement in limited space. It makes you able to get in or out of the stool easier. In case the counter table is full of sitting people, you can opt to stand up or sit down easily due to the swivel feature. The seat can be turned to either side if you want to change direction. Even if the space is extremely tiny that it’s impossible to turn the seat, you still able to move it behind to get out of.
  2. Swivel counter stools are more suitable to build flowing social atmosphere. The advantage of getting better movement lets people to turn or get back in and out to talk and interact with different group of people. In kitchen setting, swiveling also allows you to converse with someone or watch TV in other room just by turning around.
  3. Besides varying in material such as Kuka leather swivel counter stools, they are also available in wide range of seat height. Size of the stool is one of the most important consideration when you’re about to purchase one, so make sure that you pick one with correct height. Swivel stools usually have additional one or two inches.


The key of getting perfect counter stool is comfort. Check the dimensions of your desired model first. Then confirm across if they are able to provide enough room under the table and above the knees. However, it doesn’t mean you should never opt for standard sized counter tool, especially if your countertops are already built in standard dimensions as well.

A correctly designed counter stool can give you both comfort and eye-pleasing benefits. Stools with padded seat and stunning design are perfect as the transition between entertaining living room space and dining room. Kuka swivel counter stool prioritizes lavish look and versatility that can match with any space design.

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