Layered Cowhide Rug: Tips to Style

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Layered Cowhide Rug

Layered cowhide rug becomes trending because it is durable, versatile, and also easy to clean. These were the characteristics of the Western theme or country home decoration. But now it is used for almost all types of interior designs, whether it is elegant, minimalist, traditional, and even modern décor, people choose this fresh option to give the aesthetic of their residence.

The cowhide rugs are available in several patterns, colors, shapes, prints, and also sizes. It comes with a wide price range that you can choose from. The options for this rug are endless. Since cowhide is coming in an irregular shape, you sometimes need to add more layers to your cowhide rugs. Layering two cowhide rugs can also be a good idea.

Tips for Styling

To layer the cowhide rug, choose the neutral base, or the one with consistent color because the cowhide already has the pattern. But if you want to go for the pattern on both, make sure that both colors flow together. And for the placement, you can place it in the middle or on a corner.

You can choose a more modern cowhide pattern. The traditional one has an organic and distinctive shape. Opt to have rugs to help you style the small spaces. This idea is great for a modern house. You can blend it with other furniture. Cowhide is popular for the Scandinavian look because of its natural and warm look. Cowhide rugs are perfect to pair with minimal and bright space. Their space will add an inviting and casual aesthetic to your space.

How to Keep the Rugs from Sliding

A layered cowhide rug sometimes keeps sliding and slipping. It may annoy you because you need to reposition it every time. Also, it can result in a safety hazard as well.

The first tips are by choosing large and thick cowhide rugs because it is less likely to slide. Or you can also lay your rig on the top of non gloss tiles and vinyl or hardwood floor. These materials will give you more control so it prevents you from sliding. Putting cowhide rugs on gloss tiles does not come because it’s too slippery.

Apply spray-on non-slip rug backing for preventing it from sliding. Spray it as much as you need for the rugs. A self-adhesive foam rug can also be a good idea. Put it at the bottom of your cowhide rug, this will help you to control the slide. You may use several adhesives to make it stick better. Follow the tips for your layered cowhide rug.

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