Modern Prefab Homes under 150k Use and Several Providers You Can Pay a Visit

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Modern Prefab Homes under 150k Use and Several Providers You Can Pay a Visit

Modern prefab homes under 150k are not impossible. Prefab, which stands for prefabricated, is a home type which is built in a factory. Then, this kind of home is shipped to a building site in its pieces. Next, the pieces will be assembled and be built to be a home lot. Compared to building a new house from scratch, purchasing a prefab house is much cheaper. When the common house building fee is more than $300,000, building a prefab home can cost half of it. Isn’t it amazing?


Prefabricated House Uses

Aside from being a permanent residence for a little family, usually modern prefab home is used in many construction sites. The house serves as a camp site or an office. In fact, the use of prefab house is more than that. Several examples will include small office, accommodation (most-likely an inn), and even a warehouse. Making it as your workshop is also possible.


Modern prefab homes

With its contemporary design, modern prefab homes under 150k are what many people are ‘dreaming’ these days. Below are some examples of builders that offer their inexpensive prefab houses.


Ecocor houses

Ecocor is known as the provider of environment-friendly prefab houses. This provider emphasizes on creating houses which are energy efficient; meaning that the house will not be built from materials that omit much pollution during the production processes. With 11 models to choose, the base price is around $110,000.


Ecosteel custom prefab house

This provider also claims to be environment-friendly. However, this provider emphasizes on the use of prefab steel, since steel is one metal known for its renewable feature. Aside from that, the provider can also work on custom prefab houses too – based on the clients’ preferences and budget. So, it is quite hard to note down the price due to its customizable designs, but for a rough estimate, an 1100 sqft2 house costs around $136,000.


Titan Park Cabo Tiny Home

If you are living solo, this modern modular homes under 150k can suit your living style. The house will occupy around 399 sqft2 areas with one bedroom as well as one bathroom completing it. The positive side of this house is its high ceiling and its floor plan which is open-concept. The kitchen is also big for the count of solo-resident house. With front porch and sloped roof, tiny house for living solo cannot be more fun. The base price is $65,000.

Aside from those three prefab houses, actually there are many builders out there offering prefab houses. Some may put a base price per sq ft, or put a price for the whole house. Providers may also provide customization too just like Ecosteel’s. Whatever your choice, make sure the modern prefab homes under 150k suit not only your budget, but also your preferences.

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