Modular Homes under 50K: What Can You Obtain from This Set of Budget?

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Modular Homes under 50K

Is it possible to have modular homes under 50k? Well, the tagline nothing is impossible seems to apply to this thing as well. There are modular homes which you can get for less than $50,000. In fact, you can get one at $30,000. But note that you will compromise many things as the more money you spend, the more facilities you will get.

Each manufacturer has their own price when it comes to prefab homes. But, when we talk about modular home under 50k; the price isn’t much different one from another for the similar width. For these prefab homes with similar price, you can always see the price of modular homes under 50k online and compare one with the other in terms of their floor plan.

Modular Homes under 50K

As earlier said, you can actually get a prefab home at $30,000 if you are budgeting for less than $50,000. What can you get if you purchase a house at this rate? In general, you will obtain these:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • A small kitchen
  • A house which width is around 600 square feet.

That said, you should ask nothing, but the manufactured house as-is, which will help you to keep the cost low. You should also not go for any customization as it will require you more bucks to spend.

Modular Homes under 50K

Before going further, you need to know that in budgeting your prefab homes, the price mentioned by the manufacturer will typically only include the manufacturing price only. Hence, you should pay more for any additional site work, additional customization, shipping price, as well as some button-up.

Therefore, if you are trying to keep your budget is as low as less than $50,000, which will hopefully cover the shipping cost, the labor work, and some customization, getting a house around $30,000-$40,000 should suffice.

Please also keep in mind that the land price is excluded from the count. That will be better to find the land first before starting your hunt in finding the right choice of modular home under $50,000.

Modular Homes under 50K

With those details said, a house with around $30,000 price should be OK for a single household or a small family consisting of a couple. One child to join may be just fine for some. If you plan to conceive, then probably the 600 square feet and such details may not be enough for your family.

To cut the expenses, that would be great to have a manufacturer which resides in the city where you plan to have the house in. That way, you will have lesser shipping price for the modular homes under 50k that you purchase.

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