Monaki Shower Heads Health Benefits and Why You Should Get One

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Monaki Shower Heads Health Benefits and Why You Should Get One

When you hear about Monaki shower heads, of course the first thing that you will think is health benefit. Indeed, Monaki is well-known as a brand of shower heads that are completed by advanced technology to promote better health. For those who want to get a shower head anytime soon, read more about Monaki down below and get their products instead of the others.


Monaki Ionic Filtration Shower Head

Monaki shower heads has a lot of types. However, the most famous one is the Monaki Ionic Filtration shower head. This shower head is completed by three different stone balls inside it. You can see it clearly because of its transparent designs. Those balls have three different health benefits to offer.


Anion Balls for Minerals

Just under the spout, you will find gray-colored balls. They are the anion balls. The balls are there to provide more minerals to the water. When the water flows through the balls, there will be mineral particles released by the balls and the water will be healthier for your body as the mineral helps providing anti-bacterial property, too.


Ceramic Balls for Spa Experience

The next types of stone in the shower head are the ceramic balls. They are the black-colored ones located under the anion balls. They are the same stones that you will find at spa. They will provide heat to help you relax during the bath time. A lot of Monaki shower heads reviews praise this stone to be best part of the shower head.


Infrared Vulcanization Ball for Clearer Water

These are the stones with red color and you will find many of them inside the shower handle. These are the infrared vulcanization balls. They have the function of killing bacteria, dirt residue, and strain any metal particles. As the result, the water you will take a bath with is certainly clearer and pure from hazardous particles.

If you are looking for something great for your bath time, this shower head by Monaki is certainly the answer. It provides better bathing experience as the water will be purer. For those with sensitive skins, this shower head is beneficial to use, too, as the dirt and bad particles that may trigger your skin’s sensitivity will be removed by the stones inside Monaki shower heads. That is why this shower head is one of the best things that you can buy for your bathroom.

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