Monolithic Slab Foundation Definition, Price, and Its Advantages

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Monolithic Slab Foundation Definition, Price, and Its Advantages

You may have found a term named monolithic slab foundation somewhere. Interestingly, this term, for some, may build a sense of curiosity: what kind of foundation is it? Is it something coming from ancient era of human being?

Well, it is far from being ancient. To help you understand about this term as well as some relevant details about this type of foundation, you can read this article since we will discuss several prevalently asked questions here.

What is monolithic slab foundation?

Its name ‘monolithic’ refers to a form of an establishment consisting of a single, large stone or block. When it comes to monolithic slab foundation, it means the foundation is made from a single layer of concrete. This single layer of concrete will later form a slab which acts as the foundation of a building.


How long a monolithic slab last?

When built properly, sources mentioned that it can last for more than half a century. However, if several elements are missing, the slab may not go as strong as it should be. Hence, it may lose its glory by several years.


How much does it cost to make a monolithic slab?

If we are talking about making a monolith slab foundation, then the price you need to pay depends on how big the size is and what kind of design you are using. But to say the nominal, sources mentioned that the average price of making monolith concrete foundation needs you to spend $4,600-$20,000.

This means the bigger size of slab you need to make, the higher the price you need to pay. The same goes well to difficult designs. It means the more difficult it is to follow the design you desire, the higher the price you need to pay.


What are the advantages of this monolithic foundation?

There are several advantages you can find if you are using this type of foundation. The benefits will be mentioned as follows:

  • Constructing it is easy and quick. Once the gravel has been spread out, and the perimeter trench is added, you can start pouring the concrete.
  • You will have a strong foundation. Given the concrete is made as the material; it will make the foundation strong. Its reinforcements and anchor bolts are making it as a strong foundation as well.
  • It is easy to maintain this kind of foundation. Inspections are required to see whether there are cracks in the foundation made of monolithic slab—aside from this purpose, there is no regular inspection needed.

So, those are some details about the slab foundation. Will you use this for your future house? Hope you find this article about monolithic slab foundation helps you to understand better about this type of foundation.

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