NewHeights Elegante XT as Premium Electrically Adjustable Standing Desk

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Newheights Elegante XT

With all that it has to offer, Newheights Elegante XT might be the new favorite for people who need standing desk. The limited options available in the market regarding the standing desk can make the task of finding the ideal one feels pretty daunting. However, this Newheights electric standing desks has successfully combined a visually pleasing and distinctive looks, robust materials, and various features to get you a functionally attractive desk. It has edgy but clean design that made from extruded aluminum that provides stunning anodized finish. It also possesses some desirable qualities for a desk, which are reliable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly on top of all.

Before you dive deeper into the overview of Newheights Elegante XT, you may want to learn further into what exactly an electric standing desk is. It is a desk that has adjustable height which can be controlled electrically. It is typically powered by linear motor with precision to control the height just by using a press of a button. While it is true that electric desk type usually pricier than standard or manually-operated desks, it has various advantages over them as well. It excels in speed, performance, and convenience. That’s why more and more office or home to incorporate it.

There are several electrically adjustable standing desk options available with different capabilities, price tags, and feature sets. The Newheights Elegante XT standing desk itself has some superiority aspects as it uses intelligent programmable controls. It includes optional cross supports by its wire management. This desk has height range from as low as 24 inch to as high as 51 inch. In terms of appearance, you can have it either in silver or black color for the base. For the work surface aspect, you can have it color-costumed to the manufacturer, with options to use high-pressure laminate and eleven standard thermally-fused selections.

Newheights Elegante XT as Premium Electrically Adjustable Standing Desk

Based on its price, the Newheights desk would be categorized in the Premium class electric standing desk. With loaded features, better quality, and longer warranty, it is an ideal choice to use on executive suite. It offers the only the best, not only function-wise, but also in terms of its aesthetic. This high-tier desk covered with stunning and thicker tabletops to support. Considering from different qualities it has, it is safe to say that Newheights Elegante XT has everything you need from the stability, ergonomics, weight capacity, customizable options, and lift speed.

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